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The Cadogan Firm has the experience that is intimately familiar with a vast array of areas of law and business so you always have the support you need and can depend on our experience and knowledge. The Cadogan Firm provides the answer to your needs, covering every aspect of litigation. 

The Cadogan generally charges by the hour for litigation services.  The Cadogan Firm's hourly rates are competitive and affordable.  However, some projects can occasionally be quoted at a fixed price. We often recommend to new clients that they consider this per-project option during an evaluation phase. New clients also use our hourly support when they need immediate assistance.

The Cadogan Firm can help make sure you're getting the tools and advice to match your business requirements and objectives. We'll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, time lines, and expectations. We'll even create and apply our services to prepare estimates on litigation services to give you an idea of what you're spending for what you're getting before you take that next step.

Knowing where you currently stand legally and where you would like to go is the first priority in any goal. At The Cadogan Firm our assessment is the key to success in litigation.


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